Health and Sciences

Students are able to choose from a variety of career prep paths including preparation for a career in the medical field. Students who choose and maintain this path will graduate high school as certified health aids. Additionally, they will already be well prepared if they choose to continue their education at the university level.

Aviation Technology

Prepare for a career in the field of Aviation. Students that participate in our Aviation program learn the basics of piloting and airplane mechanics.

Design and Build

With a focus on real-world skills students can learn how to design and build using the most advanced technologies available.
Those students who choose the technology path will use Autodesk Maya to build 3D animation, Adobe XD to build apps for Android and Mac, and will even use Unreal Engine to design interactive web applications.



Unreal Engine



Promoting Native Culture

GPA promotes the preservation of Native culture both in and out of the classroom. Our proprietary curriculum travels through Alaskan history as it pertains to global history. Additionally, our Alaskan languages group and our cultural dance group off students after school opportunities to enrich their cultural knowledge and experience.

A Focus on Leadership Skills at GPA

Leadership plays an important role in every aspect of a student’s life. Students go through many stages in life for career development where they need leadership skills. In the modern world, students are facing many career challenges, employment problems, and conflicts between idealism and beneficial. That’s why they need leadership skills to accept challenges, solve problems and analyze career direction.

Government Influence

All students learn the importance and role of local and federal government. Including how to have their voices heard in the most effective ways. Students research topics and contact their area representatives for feedback. 

Student Council

The students who participate in Student Council learn leadership through first hand experience. Not only do they form the leadership of the student body but they actually help steer the direction and decisions of the school itself.

Realize Your Dream

About 20% of businesses fail in their first year. Another 50% won't make it past the 5 year mark. Good planning skills and implementation are paramount to a successful business. Our students learn what it takes to excel in whtever they do.